Property Magic reveals "how to buy property, using other people's time, money & experience!"
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Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Property Magic's first publication by grabbing a free copy of the UK’s Best-selling Property book...
When Property Magic was first published in February 2008, the property market conditions were remarkably like the current conditions we have in February 2023, where property prices have been booming for several years but now, they are starting to fall.
Property Magic is all about how to pay less for your next property (and every property you buy) by finding and helping motivated sellers.  
Motivated sellers are people who have a property-related problem and need a fast and reliable solution. For these sellers, achieving the full market price is not as important as speed and certainty of the sale, which means they might be flexible on price or terms.  
It is important to understand that this is about ethical property investing, where you look for the win-win solution to help these motivated sellers. If you can give them what they want, they are far more likely to give you what you want.  
Normally only 5% of property sellers are going to be motivated, but this year there will be far more motivated sellers which is why 2023 could be the buying opportunity of this Decade.  
If you have already read Property Magic or listened to the Audio Version, I highly recommend you read it or listen to it again, because you will notice things that you missed the first time around.
If you have not read Property Magic yet, seize this opportunity to grab a digital copy TODAY with my compliments, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this best-selling property book.

Attention: New Investors, Experienced Investors, Landlords, Tradesmen & Business Owners

From: Simon Zutshi                       
Birmingham, UK

If you're looking to build a sustainable property portfolio using none of your own money to replace your income, then this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

Here is why: My name is Simon Zutshi and let me take you back to the summer of 1994, when my degree had finished and my graduation gift to the world was unemployment.

The shame of leaving university without a job drove me to complete 37 job applications. These were the days before the internet when you sent a paper application to the company. I remember painstakingly completing each application in my “best handwriting.”

My efforts resulted in 2 job offers. I accepted the job at Cadbury's because it was in my university town, and of course, I love Cadbury’s chocolate.

"As soon as I got the job offer from Cadbury in 1995 at the age of 24, I wanted to buy a house." 

I ran outside (still holding the job offer) and looked right, and then left. I was living at number 61 Teignmouth Road, and to my left, at number 69, was a For Sale sign. I ran back inside and excitedly called the estate agent to book a viewing.

My house was a student HMO. It was finished to a minimum standard. The walls were painted Magnolia, and the threadbare carpet was a grey/brown from years of parties.

Number 69, was a freshly refurbed house by a young couple. Everything was new and clean. This was a home, not a student house. I remember the only words that came out of my mouth were, “I’ll have it.”

There was just one problem…I didn’t have any money!

I had a job offer from Cadbury, and I had a large student debt. The job offer from Cadbury meant that I could get a 95% mortgage. But how was I going to get the 5% deposit?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That’s what happened in this case.

You see, my Grandmother had just sold her house and moved in with my parents. I asked her if she would lend me the money for the deposit. I offered to pay my Grandmother a much higher interest rate than the bank. Fortunately, she agreed.

"Without knowing it, I’d just done my first no money down deal."

Without planning for it, I’d just found a way to buy property with other people’s money. I was determined to buy a house and found a creative solution. That was it.

I rented two of the rooms out to my student friends and what they both paid combined pretty much covered all of the bills in the house. So I was living pretty much rent free and saving most of my salary.

2 and a half years later, I finished the graduate programme early, and I was promoted to a Senior Manager at Cadbury. At last, my career was progressing as planned.

That’s why it was a complete shock to everyone at Cadbury when I quit in January 2001 to become a full time property investor. From the outside, this looked like a reckless decision.

"The truth was in 2000, I made more money doing property part-time, than I did as a full-time Cadbury Senior Manager. "

If you want to build a property portfolio, and don’t think you can because you don’t have the money for a deposit, then let me tell you, you absolutely can providing you know how.

This is exactly what I teach in my Amazon No.1 Property Best Seller Property Magic. I teach you a system of how to leverage other people’s time, money and experience so you can build a solid property portfolio much more quickly and easily than doing so on your own.
This system has been used to purchase lots of property by me and my students.
Here are some case study examples:

3-Bed House in Derby sourced on Rightmove converted to 5-Bed HMO

Purchase Price: £82,500
Refurb Costs £55,000
Total Cash Invested: £91,000 (using other people’s money)
Total Net Profit: £1,480pcm
Split 50/50: £740pcm/£8,880pa
Re-Financed value at £200,000: Infinity ROI
Cash profit pulled out of deal: £15,531

4-Bed House in Oxfordshire sourced via adverts converted to 6-Bed HMO

Purchase Price: £200,000
Refurb Costs £118,000
Total Cash Invested: £182,200 (using other people’s money)
Total Net Profit: £1,512pcm
Re-Financed value at £460,000: Infinity ROI
Cash profit pulled out of deal: £12,800

6-Bed B&B in Banbury sourced on Rightmove converted to 9-Bed HMO & 2 Flats

Purchase Price: £540,000
Refurb Costs £220,000
Total Cash Invested: £377,000 (using other people’s money)
Total Net Profit: £4,530pcm
Re-Financed value at £980,000 = 59% ROI
Cash profit pulled out of deal: £12,800
And so on. I could easily fill up an entire book with hundreds of success stories like this...because this system has been used by myself and 1,000's of my students.

Inside Of This Book... Here is what You'll Discover For FREE!

Inside of Property Magic I will be sharing with you how to buy property using other people's time, money & experience so you can build a sustainable property portfolio.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your free download of this new book:

Inside Of This Book... 

Here is what You'll Discover For FREE!

Inside of Property Magic I will be sharing with you how to buy property using other people's time, money & experience so you can build a sustainable property portfolio.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your free download of this new book:

Chapter 1: Why you should be investing in property

It’s a sad fact that 98% of the population will die poor! As a nation we are all living longer, and that means we need more money to support us into our old age. In my opinion, it is unlikely that the state will be able to afford to support us. Most people can’t rely on their company pension scheme. What this means for most people is that you will either have to keep working beyond the normal retirement age or accept a lower standard of living in your old age. That is, unless you do something about it now by buying this book.

Chapter 2: How to buy property using other people's money

There is a common belief that you need to have a lot of money to be able to invest in property. Whilst it is true that having money will make it much easier to invest, it is possible to invest without using any of your own money.

In this chapter, I go through creative strategies to buy property.

Chapter 3: Motivated Sellers and how to find them

If you’ve ever sold a property, I am sure you probably wanted to achieve the highest possible sale price. It is hard to imagine why this is not the case for everyone selling property. However, it would be wrong to assume that everyone is like you. There are people who, for whatever reason, need to get their hands on money fast.

In this chapter, I go through why someone would sell their property below market value and 8 different strategies to find these sellers and deals.

Chapter 4: How to buy property ethically for a WIN/WIN

I am constantly amazed at the number of investors I meet who appeared to stumble across motivated sellers but who have no idea how to deal with them. If you want the motivated seller to work with you, rather than another investor, you need to make sure that they are confident that you can deliver on your promise. You need to ensure that you provide a prompt, professional and courteous service from the initial contact right up to completion of the purchase.

In this chapter, I cover what to say and do when you meet a motivated seller to ensure you get the deal over the competition. 

Chapter 5: How to maximise cash flow from your property

One of the main benefits of investing in property is the significant capital gain you can make as your property rises in value over the long term. However, to benefit from the gain, you need to make sure you can afford to hold the property in the meantime. Ideally you don’t want to have to support your property portfolio. Quite the opposite in fact! Your portfolio should support you financially. The rent you receive from your tenants should more than cover all the costs of ownership so that each month there is surplus cash profit left over for you to enjoy.

In this chapter, I cover what makes a good investment property, how to check if a deal stacks up, how much cash flow to expect for each property and the investment strategies you can use to make cash flow (outside of traditional Buy to Lets) such as HMO's, Rent-to-Rent, Options and Serviced Accommodation.

Chapter 6: A New Strategy for property investors

I believe this will be the best strategy for the current market conditions. This is my favourite strategy as it works well for both new and experienced investors, you can get cash flow and equity growth from property you don't own, you don't need large 25% deposits and you don't even need to be able to get mortgages. This is one of the most powerful and yet misunderstood investing strategies. Once you understand it, and know how to apply it, you will have a competitive advantage of most other investors. You really need to be aware of this.

In this chapter, I share all about this strategy, the legals and how you can use it for the mutual benefit of both yourself and the motivated seller.

Chapter 7: How to build your perfect power team

One of the secrets of being a successful property investor is having a team of people around you who can help you achieve your goals. This group of individuals and companies will help you to achieve far more than you could possibly do on your own. Setting up a good Power Team is one of the first things you should do before even looking for investment opportunities. It’s no good finding an amazing deal and then missing out on it, just because you can’t move quickly enough.

In this chapter, I share who should be in your power team, how to put the team together and how to work with Joint Venture partners.

Chapter 8: The best investment you can make

Investing time and effort in your own education and personal development is the best investment you will ever make. The knowledge and skills you gain through education will stay with you for the rest of your life. For the majority of the population, the only education they get is the formal education they receive at school, college or even university. Unfortunately, this traditional form of education does absolutely nothing to teach you the fundamentals of life about money, finance and investing. Most people learn the hard way by making mistakes, which is a very expensive way to learn. A far easier, quicker and cheaper way to learn is from someone else who has already become successful, from whom you can learn from their successes, and also from their mistakes.

In this chapter, I share the skills you need to be a successful investor and recommend some further resources.
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